Embracing insurance coverage for seamless services

How Much Does Home Care Cost?

When you call us, we can provide you with the hourly rates for our services and help you discover if the services you need are covered by insurance or another benefit. We can contact Medicaid, the VA, or your insurance provider(s) on your behalf to learn what your policy or benefits include. We can even help you secure authorizations and fill out any required paperwork. We are here to help you every step of the way.

How Can I Finance Home Care?

Part of our responsibility is to assist you in navigating the payment process for your in-home care services. Our team of insurance specialists conducts regular benefit eligibility verification for numerous individuals each week.

The steps below explain the available payment options for the various types of home care services we offer.

Step 1: Choose a specific home care type to explore the typical payment methods associated with those services.

Step 2: Contact us to consult with an expert who will guide you in understanding the potential payment options based on your unique circumstances, insurance coverage, and available benefits.

Select a home care category and learn how most of our clients pay for the care they need:

  • Personal Care and Companion Services
  • Private Duty Care
  • Home Care
  • Respite Care
  • Supportive Care

At Greater Works Companion Care, LLC, we offer flexible payment options to ensure access to our exceptional care services:

Private Pay (By Credit Card or Check)

Connect with us, and we will provide hourly rates for our top-notch care services tailored to your needs. Please call for a rate.


Medicaid is a state program offering health insurance and medical assistance to individuals who meet income eligibility criteria. If you are a Medicaid recipient, we are here to assist you in understanding the services you may be eligible for—guiding you through the process with care and compassion.

Health Insurance

Your major medical insurance provider, such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and others, may cover a portion or all of your home care services, depending on your policy and coverage. Let us help you navigate your health insurance benefits to maximize the available coverage applicable to you.

Veterans’ Benefits

As a U.S. Veteran, you may qualify for government-funded medical treatment, personal care, and home assistance. We honor and support our veterans. That is why we can guide you on accessing and utilizing your entitled benefits.

If you have long-term care insurance, your policy may include coverage for particular personal care and assistive care services. Let us assist you in understanding your policy coverage and how it can support your unique care needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Every situation is different and unique. The chart above details the most common ways our home care services are paid for, but the chart does not cover every possible scenario. Contact us today to explore the payment options available and welcome a care experience that prioritizes your well-being and comfort.