Touching lives with community engagement and support

Aside from changing the lives of individuals through providing quality care, we also change the lives of communities by raising awareness on pressing issues. We aim to quell the violence, homelessness, and hunger existing within the community by facilitating programs for the youth, including:

  • Shoot the ball, not me
  • Mentoring
  • School supplies drive
  • Job seekers programs and GED Classes
  • We donate to Battered Women Shelters in the area
  • Homeless programs at Sunday Breakfast Mission and many more

We also organize clean-ups, such as:

  • Clean the parks
  • Home for the elderly
  • Clean the streets around homes and assisted living facilities

Word Outreach

World Vision is an organization aiming to bring a better world for children worldwide. We at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC, give back to the community by donating 10% of its income to World Vision.

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