Benefits of Night-Time Supervision for Seniors

Benefits of Hiring Night-Time Supervision for Your Senior Loved Ones

Due to stress over their caregiving chores, worries, and the necessity to physically assist their loved one, particularly those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, to the bathroom during the night, family caregivers usually lack deep, restful sleep.

We offer a variety of personal care services, such as assistance with using the bathroom in the middle of the night, evening fluids and snacks, and bedtime preparation.

  • Constant night-time supervision
  • Dementia frequently interferes with sleep and might cause elders to walk aimlessly. Falls and injuries are a real concern when out in the dark at night. A skilled caregiver will keep an eye on your seniors’ activities and support them as needed.

  • Mobility assistance
  • A caregiver can often help to keep your elderly safe when they have to navigate the house at night, especially if they have limited mobility.

  • Medical care
  • Seniors who have seizures or other medical conditions require constant supervision. A skilled caregiver will assist your elderly in coping when their medical condition worsens.

  • Depression or isolation
  • As elders age, they may experience overpowering depressive feelings. Compassionate companion care in Delaware provides the emotional support and companionship required to keep them from being depressed.

Greater Works Companion Care, LLC serves with compassion and consistent excellence in the field of home care in Wilmington, Delaware. When you or a loved one needs home care services. Contact us immediately at 302-384-7861!

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