Best Ways to Avoid Depression in Seniors


It is normal to feel sad every once in a while; however, if this feeling lasts for several months, it might be a case of depression. There may be no surefire way to prevent depression as you age, but there are things you can do to reduce your risk.

  • Uphold a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise. Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet can help reduce your risk of diseases that may cause depression. Staying physically active can also help keep your independence, thus eliminating one factor for depression.
  • Maintain your social life. Seclusion is one of the primary factors that contribute to depression. Make time to meet your friends and family. It doesn’t matter where, as long as you can have a good time. You can invite them to your place for barbecues in your backyard or have a movie night after dinner.
  • Engage in activities that make you happy. You can try caring for a pet, volunteering in your local community, playing some sports, or learning to play an instrument. You can also enhance your skills and hobbies or learn new ones such as gardening, baking, painting, crafting, and many more.

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