Home Care: Brushing A Senior’s Teeth Correctly


The risk of tooth loss due to gum disease and other dental disorders increases after age 35 in adults. Gum disease affects 75% of adults at some point in their lives.

Dirt grows continually and clings to the teeth above and below the gum line. That’s why regular tooth brushing as a part of personal care is crucial for warding off gum disease. Gum disease can set in if a person skips brushing their teeth for several days.

Plaque, the primary cause of tooth decay and gum disease, is removed during brushing, causing to prevent the production of new plaque.

However, you might harm your gums if you brush them incorrectly. As one who usually provides home care in Wilmington, Delaware, here are some guidelines we’ve compiled to help you maintain clean, healthy teeth while brushing:

  • Start brushing the outside surfaces of your teeth, then go on to the inner surfaces, using a circular motion and gentle, short strokes.
  • Hold the brush vertically and use light, circular motions to clean the interior of your upper and lower front teeth.
  • Remember to brush with small, light strokes and to move your brush around as much as necessary.
  • After brushing away the plaque in your mouth, give it a good rinse to eliminate what’s left.

You can trust Greater Works Companion Care, LLC, to clean your teeth and make you feel more comfortable in your own homes with comprehensive home care services, including personal care and companion care in Delaware. Don’t hesitate to seek help from us today!

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