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2 Responses to Client’s Testimonials

  1. Hi Nya!
    This is John S, Mary Joan’s son.
    First, Happy New Year!
    Second, I just wanted to keep a line of communication to you.
    Marie, the companion care worker currently assigned to support my mom, is doing a fantastic job. You made a great recommendation to me and she is very professional and super reliable. She performs her tasks consistently with compassion and I have been able to carry on with focus on my immediate family (children still navigating the hybrid school model!) as well as concentrate on my job because I know my mother is in good hands and I can count on Marie.
    I realize it took 2 other attempts early with other support to find the right match, but after a couple months of settling in with Marie, we are on an even keel and she is a great fit. We will be in need of support for the indefinite future. Hopefully Marie is satisfied with the assignment (I think she is). She never complains and she remains very focused on helping my mother with my mother’s best interest and welfare in mind.
    I thought you’d appreciate the feedback.
    I do not take your services for granted, to the contrary, I consider it a blessing to have this support at this point in our life! So, to that end, you have my continued gratitude for your services.

    Kindest regards,

  2. It was very comforting have the team from Greater Works taking care of my mom. I could depend on them to cover all the shift so my mom wasn’t left hanging. Nya was my point person and she ensured that all my expectations were meet. Thank you for everything. My primary aide everyday was Sinkeea. She completely became a part of the family. She went above and beyond for my mom everyday she came to work. I did not have to worry if my mom was fed or cleaned everyday. She took care of my mom as if that was her own mom and I truly appreciated that. Thank you for everything you have done for my mom and family. I would recommend Greater Works to anyone anytime in the future.

    Thank you all for the prayers when we were going through a difficult time when my mom passed!!

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