Pamper and Hydrate: The Elderly Skin Care


Fall is coming, and in a short while comes winter. Our skin may seem to be not affected by the changing season, but they do. The same as how we prepare during fall as the winter comes, we should do the same to our skin. Personal care services, like skincare, are essential to have well-hydrated and healthy skin.

Taking care of the skin knows no age. Always remember that the older that we get, the more care our skin will require. In our companion care in Delaware, we provide skincare among the services that we offer. We included this routine because we know how vital it is to have healthy skin for seniors.

During this fall season, here are tips on how to take care of your skin:

  • Shorten your shower time. The longer a person stays in the shower, the more it strips off the natural oils that the body creates to keep our skin from drying. A short shower with lukewarm water is enough.
  • As the days get colder, it can lead to dry skin. Use exfoliants sparingly. It is vital to have moisturized skin during the fall season.
  • Use a gentle cleanser that won’t dry the skin and remove the natural oils the body creates to protect itself.

We understand that not all seniors can continue to care for their skin as the season changes. Our home care in Wilmington, Delaware assures you that we will care for the overall being of your loved ones.

Discover more about Greater Works Companion Care, LLC. Details about our services are provided here on our website. Should you have further concerns, call us.

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