Renovate Your Home Kitchen for Seniors


Did you know that the kitchen is one of the most used and dangerous places at home for seniors?

Kitchens are a very hazard-prone place, where seniors can slip on wet floors, get hand lacerations from mishandling kitchen tools, and cause fires when using kitchen equipment. They can also get foodborne diseases from unsanitary conditions that may be safe for young persons but dangerous for seniors.

Hiring stay-at-home companion care in Delaware can help. A qualified nurse or caregiver can assist the senior with doing things in the kitchen. However, retrofitting one’s kitchen for a senior’s convenience and safety is a more proactive holistic solution. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas:

  • Add anti-slip solutions that are walker and wheelchair friendly to your kitchen floor, to prevent slipping and falling
  • Adjust your countertops so they are the right height for your loved one to use, for added safety and convenience
  • Color your countertops different from the cabinets below, so it’s easier to spot and use the items on top
  • Install pull-out drawers that open at a slight pull and close at a mere tap, to prevent muscle strain and possible accidents
  • Mount appliances like baking ovens at the proper height so your loved one doesn’t need to bend over to use them.

Personal care routines become harder for older adults to do on their own as they age. They begin relying on their children and grandchildren for help. Renovating the kitchen is one way to show you care.

Another way is by hiring home care in Wilmington, Delaware. Give Greater Works Companion Care, LLC a call today, if you are looking for the best stay-in caregivers and nurses for your loved one.

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