Senior Activities: Staying Hydrated in Summer


As warm weather begins this summer, many older adults take advantage of the sun and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family, particularly those who reside in colder areas and remain indoors for months.

However, the warm weather and high temperature mean an increased risk for the elderly to become dehydrated with summer in full swing.

Seniors are more likely to be dehydrated for various reasons, including environmental factors like heat and humidity, their older bodies becoming weaker, and having more difficulty responding to changing temperatures.

However, it’s critical to understand dehydration and how to avoid it before a senior loved one goes outside to enjoy the summer heat. You can follow these tips to keep them hydrated this season:

  • Encourage them to drink water, fruit juice, or milk with each meal.
  • Serve milkshakes or smoothies if they refuse to drink water.
  • Make sure to take numerous water breaks during the day.
  • Avoid taking your elderly outside when the sun is at its hottest, usually between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • When going outside, wear light, breathable clothing.

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