Telltale Signs That Indicate a Need for Respite Care


A family caregiver is an unpaid individual involved in assisting loved ones with activities of daily living and medical tasks. If you are looking after an elderly parent or family member, you are not alone. Approximately 34.2 million family caregivers have provided unpaid care to a loved one. However, there may come a time when you require additional help to look after your loved one’s needs.

As a provider of home care in Wilmington, Delaware, we will share the signs that indicate a need for respite care:

  • Declining Health

    When you are sick or injured, you are unable to provide the best care for a loved one. If you find yourself getting sick more often or if you recently had an injury, it may be time to find additional help to assist with personal care and activities of daily living.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

    Although taking care of a loved one is rewarding, it can also become overwhelming over time. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed with balancing your caregiving tasks and personal life often, consider hiring additional help to prevent burnout.

  • Deteriorating Relationship

    In many cases, looking after an aging loved one can lead to worsened relationships. Taking on the role of a caregiver from a spouse, son/daughter, or friend can be stressful for both parties. Family caregivers may feel resentment due to the time and work they have to sacrifice, while the senior may feel like a burden for needing help.

Greater Works Companion Care, LLC is an established agency specializing in exceptional home care services. In addition to companion care in Delaware, we also offer respite care for family caregivers. Contact us to learn more about respite care and how to arrange our services.

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