The Dangers of Age-Related Vision Loss

The Dangers of Age-Related Vision Loss

Age-related macular degeneration can affect aging adults from their 50s. The gradual changes in your loved one’s vision may not be noticeable at first, but once it worsens, they may lose their central vision. There is no cure for AMD and this makes your loved ones more susceptible to accidents in the absence of companion care in Delaware.

Aging adults with poor diet, hypertension, a family history of AMD, who frequently smokes, and who are overweight are at risk of vision loss due to AMD. The symptoms of wet and dry AMD similarly include vision decline in one or both eyes, visual distortions, difficulty adapting to low light, blurred vision, and decline in color perception among others.

If these signs remain untreated, it’ll result in visual hallucinations and, ultimately, vision loss. This affects their day-to-day activities since they may no longer be able to drive, read, perform personal care safely, do paperwork even up close, or recognize faces.

Although there is no known cure for AMD, individuals can work on improving their lifestyles to prevent this disease. Knowing your loved one’s family history can also help prompt you to get a comprehensive eye examination as early as possible and maximize your resources to lower your risk of the disease.

If your loved ones are at risk or experiencing symptoms of AMD, it’s best to get them an aid they can rely on. Greater Works Companion Care, LLC offers quality home care in Wilmington, Delaware. We’ll help your loved ones meet their needs and promote their independence at home.

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