Understanding Help-Avoidance Among Seniors


As individuals age, they encounter changes that may warrant additional care – to ensure that their quality of life is not hindered by aging. We at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC wish to help more families by providing reliable companion care in Delaware. However, we also acknowledge that one of the barriers to providing care is the outright refusal of assistance. That said, we encourage greater understanding towards seniors so that the negative notions they have towards seeking help may be positively addressed.

Gerontological studies have pointed out the psychological factors behind refusing care:

  • Pre-existing Mental Health Conditions
    The elderly are prone to experiencing mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. As a result, they may have a bleak outlook towards life and towards the benefits of treatments.
  • The Denial of Need
    Denial is a common response to illnesses. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that it is also among the most common responses to arising needs brought by aging. Your senior loved ones may perceive getting help as disempowering or a sign of accepting weakness.
  • Insisting that Conditions are a “Normal Part” of Aging
    Seniors may believe that their conditions are “normal,” thus they may refuse intervention from others. This refusal may extend from the unwillingness to adopt lifestyle changes or even outright refusing medical treatment.

To provide seniors with the personal care services they need, it is imperative to understand the reasons they may reject help. Understanding them and being open to their anxieties is a step towards making them open to receiving care.

Once your senior loved ones are ready and willing to accept the help they need, allow us to serve them the best way we can. Contact our home care in Wilmington, Delaware today!

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