Ways On How to Do Proper Senior Hair Care


Not even old age can make us cease worrying about our appearance and the impression we make on others. Freshly washed and properly groomed hair makes everyone, including the elderly, feel better.

At some point, someone may need to step in and assist your elderly with their hair care needs. Because it can be challenging for elders to manage their hair, this is a service that personal care at-home providers can give.

Depending on their health, your older loved one may find it difficult or impossible to brush, trim, or wash their hair. But if they can still do so, Greater Works Companion Care, LLC will advise on how to do hair care safely and efficiently.

  • Washing less often
    Don’t feel obligated to wash your loved one’s hair every day; doing so might be stressful for their aging hair, which could lead to additional breakage, split ends, or thinning.
  • Choosing gentle hair care products
    It’s best to use as little gels, mousses, and sprays as possible, and if you really must, go for mild products that don’t include any harsh chemicals.
  • Treating their hair gently
    Our hair becomes more brittle and thinner as we get older. That’s why elderly hair requires specific care, especially while determining the appropriate water temperature for the senior’s hair care routine.

Our home care in Wilmington, Delaware, can provide hair and other personal care services your elderly family member may need, such as skin care, oral care, bathing, or dressing.

We also have more home care services, including respite care, diet monitoring, companion care in Delaware, and many others. Contact us immediately if you think you or a loved one need our services!

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