What Does the Meal Preparation Service Entail?

What Does the Meal Preparation Service Entail?

The lack of appetite, side effects from the medication they are taking, chronic conditions that make moving and getting around, and nerve conditions that may be limiting them from using their hands to eat, among others—these are significant factors that can hinder our senior loved one from eating healthily and actually enjoying mealtimes.

That is why, as the community’s trusted provider of home care in Wilmington, Delaware at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC, we offer meal preparation and diet monitoring for seniors who need assistance in this area.

Here are some of what families and loved ones can expect from this service:

  • Coordinating with their senior loved one’s care team in planning a menu or meal plan
  • Doing the grocery shopping
  • Cooking and preparing everyday meals
  • Making sure that their senior loved one’s meals follow the recommendations of their physician while ensuring that it remains appetizing and nutritious
  • Assisting their senior loved one with eating
  • Doing the dishes and cleaning up

The service also has the advantage of automatic companion care in Delaware because our aides will stay to make sure that they can comfortably eat.

Families and loved ones also have the option of enlisting our personal care as well as other home care services and our Veterans Assistance Program for their further convenience and peace of mind.

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