Why Seniors Should Not Have Long Nails


Seniors grooming themselves with long nails may lead to injuries. Taking care of their nails can be gristly. Proper hygiene and consistency for their nails are essential to avoid unnecessary infections and injuries. Therefore, this is the reason why we include personal care and nail care services because we know how significant this is for the elderly’s hygiene.

Seniors should not have long nails because the longer the nails, the more it will create room for ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can cause severe pain. We don’t want our seniors to suffer.

As a provider of companion care in Delaware, it is a routine for us to check if the nails of the seniors under our care are clean. It is necessary to keep them clean, short, and healthy.

Longer nails can cause diseases since bacteria may hide underneath long nails. We cannot be assured of stopping them every time they put their hand into their mouths. When this happens, the bacteria in their nails will get in, infect, and lead to diseases.

Longer nails will also increase the risk for injuries. It is inevitable for seniors to scratch their skin with their fingernails. Accidents may also happen to them. The most common thing to happen is them hitting their toenails with sturdy objects. With this, it may cause cuts, wounds, and bleeding leading to severe health challenges.

This is why we at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC make sure that the elderly under our care have well-maintained nails to prevent the mentioned instances. It is our primary goal to deliver excellent and quality care to our clientele.

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