Boosting Your Senior’s Immune System

Boosting Your Senior’s Immune System

Each month, new viruses and illnesses are discovered. This is why everyone – especially older adults – have to keep their immune systems strong to fight against those illnesses. The elderly are more vulnerable to infections and illnesses, so we must all do our part in ensuring their health. Investing in Home Care in Wilmington, Delaware is one way to keep them safe from many types of dangers, but there are more.

Getting premium personal care won’t be enough to keep germs at bay. This is why Greater Works Companion Care, LLC has decided to jot down some ways you can strengthen your seniors’ immune system. Take a look:

  • Consider herbal supplements and multivitamins. Make sure to consult with their doctors though.
  • Get enough exercise. It can be hard to convince your seniors to start working out, but if you involve close friends and family, that will make the experience even more fun.
  • Eating a healthy, nutrient-packed diet. This means lesser fats, less salt, and more vegetables and fruits.
  • Stay hydrated. Seniors tend to thirst less than younger individuals, but they still need the suggested eight to nine glasses of clean water a day.

These seem like a lot to do and you may think that you’ll have a hard time keeping up, but don’t worry! Our Companion Care in Delaware is here to help you care for your loved ones. From meal preparation to medication reminders, to diet monitoring and supervision, and more, we got you covered. Just give us a call.

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