Encourage Your Seniors to Exercise

Encourage Your Seniors to Exercise

Experts recommend exercising for at least 150 minutes a week for seniors. Studies show that following a workout routine helps boost the immune system, improve and enhance cognitive health, reduce the risks of developing diseases, and keep the symptoms of existing medical conditions at bay.

Our clients at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC often get to engage in fun new activities and their hobbies — thanks to excellent companion care in Delaware.

Convincing your elderly to be more physically active may be difficult, though. And as much as we want only the best for you and your loved ones, we’ll give you a few suggestions on how to encourage them to exercise:

  • Join them in the workout or ask their friends to join, too.
  • Make exercise a priority by setting a specific time during the day.
  • List down the activities that your senior enjoys doing and find ways to turn that into a workout.
  • Start slow.
  • Be supportive but set realistic expectations.

The services we offer go beyond personal care because we understand that, at this stage in life, seniors need further assistance to keep them healthy and strong.

If you struggle with taking care of your seniors due to a busy work schedule, then our home care in Wilmington, Delaware, may be the best option for you. With our help, you can ensure your loved one gets the right care from skilled professionals you can trust. Call us now!

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