How to Deal with Seniors’ Temper Tantrums

It is undeniable that we hold dear our seniors, which is why we find it unsettling to see our loved ones lose their temper for unknown reason, especially for the first time. However, albeit we may not know it, there is a myriad of reasons why seniors lose their composure. Recognizing and understanding the cause of their emotional fits help us meet their needs and care for them better.

Some of the common reasons seniors throw temper tantrums include medications, anxiety over medical conditions, symptoms of a cognitive decline like Dementia, unmanaged pain, lack of sleep, and sudden changes to their routine, environment, or situation. These outbursts could easily escalate without companion care in Delaware to help with their needs.

Families, especially family caregivers, need to learn to healthily deal with these tantrums, so they don’t get fed up or lose motivation in caring for their loved ones. Here are some ways you can deal with your senior’s temper tantrums:

  • Do Not Engage
    Don’t entertain the negative energy your loved one is giving out. Stay calm when talking to them and walk away to let them cool down before interacting with them again.
  • Reassure Them
    If your loved ones start invalidating your efforts and affection for them, don’t get affected. Refrain from getting into an emotional discussion and just reassure them of your love.
  • Take a Break
    Providing your loved ones with personal care and assisting them with their daily needs is no joke. The amount of energy you put into meeting their needs every day can cause you to stress, no matter how much you treasure your elderly.

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