Importance of Dental Care for Older Adults

Importance of Dental Care for Older Adults

One of the aspects of personal care that caregivers must pay attention to when they are caring for an older adult is dental care. Seniors are prone to many diseases, and one of the major ones is gum disease. Preventing oral diseases from developing can save the senior a lot of trouble and pain.

  • It Can Prevent Other Diseases
    Many gum diseases can become the cause or trigger of other major diseases. These include heart attack, diabetes, and pneumonia. To prevent gum diseases, see to it that your seniors brush their teeth at least twice a day.
  • It Can Prevent Dry Mouth
    Dry mouth is one of the biggest banes for seniors. It can cause them to gradually lose their taste, as well. It also makes it difficult to eat, chew, or swallow. With dry mouth, senior parents are highly likely to lose their appetite, which can then lead to malnutrition. To deal with dry mouth, you must keep the senior properly hydrated throughout the day.

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