The Unexpected Benefits of Music Therapy

The Unexpected Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy has been widely used by professionals to treat many conditions ranging from mood disorders to stroke recovery. And while evidence of its beneficial effects on the brain has been around for many years, it wasn’t until recently that scientists began solving the puzzle of how music therapy actually works.

Research shows us that people’s brains experience significant change when they listen to music. Besides its ability to stimulate regions of the brain that is responsible for sound processing, there is also a noticeable boost of activity in places of the brain in control of reasoning, language, emotion, and memory.

Many of our patients here at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC — especially those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia and are benefitting from our Home Care in Wilmington, Delaware — enjoy music as part of their everyday routines and treatments. It’s not only calming, but there’s more and more evidence that proves that it is actually therapeutic.

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