Winter Activities Perfect for Your Seniors


Even if you enjoy living in a winter wonderland, it’s easy to feel stuck in a snow globe throughout the lengthy winter season. This is especially true for many seniors, who may feel alienated or disconnected during the winter months and frequently suffer from cabin fever.

Finding methods for the entire family to be cognitively and physically active together is one approach to get through the seasonal rut. Consider companion care in Delaware if you are unable to accompany your seniors.

  • Grow an indoor garden
    Because it provides a feeling of purpose, indoor gardening is therapeutic for persons with or without Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is a naturally relaxing pastime that allows seniors to focus while lowering their risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Cook favorite holiday dishes
    Recreating cherished meals is an excellent way to channel a healthy dose of nostalgia into anyone’s day. Winter and holiday foods can help recall meaningful and beautiful memories.
  • Read with kids or grandkids
    One technique to bring the family together is to read or tell stories. This also allows seniors to share their life experiences, advice, and lessons learned. Making them feel appreciated and that their words still matter to the family.
  • Go for a walk
    If your seniors are active or enjoy being outside, take them for a stroll when the weather permits. If the cold outside is manageable, consider wandering around the community’s common areas.

Looking for assistance in providing your senior loved ones with the high-quality personal care they require to thrive during the winter months? Greater Works Companion Care, LLC assists elders in living independently in the comfort of their homes.

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