Caregiver Reminders: Dealing with Flu-Like Symptoms

Caregiver Reminders: Dealing with Flu-Like Symptoms

In the time of a global pandemic, the common cold is no longer taken lightly. For aging adults, in particular, it could be a reason for concern. Considering a senior’s weakened immune system, caregivers in charge of home care in Wilmington, Delaware need to take extra precautions.

Greater Works Companion Care, LLC and the team of skilled professionals under their wing are excellent personal care providers. They are well-equipped to deal with the sick elderly.

  • Logging and monitoring symptoms – There are a few signs that separate the flu from COVID-19, making it imperative for care providers to check on the symptoms regularly. They need to stay ahead of whatever complications that might occur.
  • Following safety practices – To ensure the safety of the caregivers and other family members, health practices need to be adhered to. If a senior has the COVID-19 virus, it is a caregiver’s responsibility to help mitigate the spread.
  • Updating the physician – Seniors are more susceptible to severe symptoms and comorbidities, which is why their doctors need to be alerted when they are sick. Their care providers need to be diligent in updating their doctors every step of the way.

Now is not the time for seniors to be alone. The isolation will not help them emotionally and mentally. Seek companion care in Delaware for your aging loved one.

We can provide them with excellent care. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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