Fighting Off the Holiday Blues for Seniors

 Fighting Off the Holiday Blues for Seniors

With social distancing protocols still being implemented across the country, this Holiday Seasons could very well be the loneliest. Many won’t be able to come home for the holidays to visit friends and loved ones. Parties and friendly gatherings just aren’t part of this year’s plans.

So, what can you do to help your senior fight off the holiday blues?

We at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC, a licensed provider of professional Home Care in Wilmington, Delaware have a few ideas.

  • Prioritize Communication and ConnectionBefore the pandemic began, most older adults spend days without speaking to anyone at all, especially those with poor health and limited mobility. Due to what’s been happening across the world, however, the issue has been raised to new heights.Take extra effort to stay connected and communicating with senior loved ones, especially those who are living alone and far away from other family members.
  • Encouraging SocializationMost seniors want to be sociable but just don’t know where or how to start. Consider signing your senior up for online classes and group activities where they can practice and develop their skills and talents.
  • Get Professional AssistanceIf you’ve tried everything but find that your senior loved one is still in low spirits, then maybe it’s time to get help. We provide Companion Care in Delaware with the help of professionals who are skilled and trained to handle this type of situation.

We also offer other services such as Personal Care that your loved one might find useful.

For details, please contact us here.

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