How to Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

 How to Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths across the globe, with older adults aged 65 years old and above suffering the greatest number of fatal falls. For this reason, providers of home care in Wilmington, Delaware provide fall prevention supervision and daily assistance to reduce the risk of falls.

Likewise, here are tips to reduce the risk of falls at home:

  • Remove trip hazards
    Trip hazards like loose rugs and wires can increase the risk of falls in seniors. This also includes clutter like stacks of old newspapers or books in hallways and living spaces. Keeping your senior loved one’s home organized is key to prevent a bad fall from occurring.
  • Install assistive devices
    Devices like handrails should be installed by the staircase to guide seniors who are living in multi-level homes. Grab bars should also be installed in the bathroom and bedroom, particularly near the bed, bathtub, or toilet to help seniors stand up easily.
  • Improve lighting
    In addition to receiving personal care, seniors can reduce their risk of falls through adequate lighting. Improve the lighting in rooms that are dimly-lit and accident-prone. This includes the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Lighting up hallways and stairways provide better guidance at night.
  • Wear appropriate clothing
    It’s best to avoid loose or baggy clothing especially for seniors with mobility issues. While they may be comfortable to wear, they also have a tendency to drag on the ground. Moreover, non-slip socks and shoes should be worn to prevent falls.

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