The Cost of Missing Medical Appointments for Seniors

The Cost of Missing Medical Appointments for Seniors

Missing medical appointments is not a new phenomenon. We all have probably done it at one point. After all, what could one missed appointment do, right?

As it turns out, a lot. And the stakes are even higher for seniors who may have chronic conditions, too.

Thus, as your partners in health and one of the leading providers of home care in Wilmington, Delaware, we at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC are listing down the consequences of no-shows in medical appointments among seniors and what can be done to avoid them.

  • Higher expenses and resources use
    Most people underestimate the time and effort it takes for seniors to complete their personal care, much less prepare for an appointment, only to not go because they don’t have someone to accompany them to at the last minute.
  • Worsening conditions
    The longer your senior loved one delays their medical appointment, the faster their condition can deteriorate.
  • Delayed preventive services and screenings
    This is especially the case for follow-up check-ups and after-lab diagnoses. By failing to prioritize follow-visits, patients may be missing out on crucial interventions.

Granted, there are many reasons for missed medical appointments, most of which are not even due to patient negligence, but due to transportation issues and the like.

That is why we offer an escort to medical appointments and other errands along with our companion care in Delaware to fill in these gaps.

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