The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

When you have an elderly loved one living alone, you might be worried about their physical health and safety. However, seniors living alone often experience loneliness and isolation, which puts them at risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions. As a provider of home care in Wilmington, Delaware, we will discuss the importance of socialization:

  • It promotes longevity
    Seniors who socialize consistently experience a longer lifespan and reduce their risk of disease, including stroke, dementia, and heart disease. Consistent socialization paired with personal care can lead to an improvement in their overall mood and quality of life.
  • It reduces stress
    Seniors who socialize frequently with their caregivers and loved ones can handle stress better. Unmanaged stress in seniors is linked to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Through socialization, seniors improve their cardiovascular health and have greater self-esteem.
  • It prevents depression
    Seniors who are socially isolated tend to experience self-neglect and face a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Through consistent socialization, seniors maintain their sense of worth and keep anxiety and depression away while fostering personal connections with others.

To prevent senior isolation and loneliness, we at Greater Works Companion Care, LLC provide companion care in Delaware. Get in touch with us to arrange an appointment and learn more about our services.

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